Medicine ball workout

How to Use a Medicine Ball in Your Workout

To Get More Out of Your Workout, Try the Medicine Ball

When people think about a medicine ball, they usually get a mental image of the vintage brown leather-based weighted ball sitting inside the nook of iron pumping gym.

In addition to that they see those balls as being a totally outdated for their workout routines. With all the cutting-edge exercising machines and different devices we can use today, what possible reason could there be to make you want to include the medicine ball as a part of your workout?

Initially, the medicine ball has come a long way from the vintage leather ones cited earlier. They now come in a tremendous array of colors and are made with rubber surfaces making them less complicated to grip.

They also come in weights ranging from one to fifty pounds so that you can vary resistance to suit your workout goals. Because they can be tossed around, they’re outstanding for movement in place of the ones that come with barbell, dumbbell and device exercises.

There is truly no other equipment which could offer the versatility of the medicine ball.

How to Use a Medicine Ball in Your Workout

33 Exercises How to Use Medicine Ball

Here are some good reasons to include the medicine ball as a part of your workout:

  • You can implement variety in your routine due to the countless types of physical activities you can do with it.: You can toss them, bounce them, roll them, and do many traditional free weight moves with them.
  • With all of the variety medicine ball provides, you won’t get bored with the exercises too soon.
  • Everyone from beginner to athlete can use them in their workout.
  • You can work out with medicine ball with friends too. Throw and catch, bounce it or roll it.

How to Use a Medicine Ball in Your Workout

A lot of medicine ball exercises are great for improving your core muscles and abs, which are involved when you toss, roll, bounce or catch it. Twisting your body side to side while holding the ball is great for your abs as well.

Are you seeking to improve your performance in a particular sport or pastime, the medicine ball can help there too.

Tossing and bouncing it with a friend improves eye-hand coordination. Throwing the ball additionally improves power for such things as golf and tennis swings as well as swimming strokes. Rolling it’ll help improve strength for your bowling hobby or underhand softball pitching.

The medicine ball is a terrific way to add a bit something different for your normal exercises. You are able to do exercises with it which you most likely could not do with a traditional weight set or exercise machine.

And after all there’s no harm if your workout feels like child’s play. Using the medicine ball can be playful and fun too!

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