How to relieve muscle pain from working out

How to Relieve Muscle Pain from Working Out

How to relieve muscle pain from working out

Starting a workout program can be a challenge to many people. Setting goals, scheduling to exercise, and creating a balanced routine are hard enough, but muscle soreness that comes after the regimen makes it even harder to stay on track.

Indeed, after engaging in some strenuous physical exercises, especially a workout new to your body, it is common to experience this type of muscle pain. However it is not advisable to drop out an exercise routine due to this challenge; instead, you should consider ways on how you can relieve muscle pain.

Although muscle soreness can’t be eliminated entirely, it can be controlled if one engages in proper post-workout recovery protocols.

What to do for sore muscles after exercise?

Here are few tricks on how to relieve muscle pain from working out:

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is essential before and even throughout your workout to decrease inflammation, cramping, and muscle soreness after the exercise.

Biologically, muscle cells need plenty of water. Therefore, when it comes to recovery and relieving soreness, dehydration is one of the biggest enemies. The roadmap to eliminating this challenge starts by drinking about 20 to 25 Oz bottle of water each hour during the exercise.

If your fitness regimen leads to excessive sweating, because you’re working out vigorously or exercising in hot weather, you may want to also replace sodium and electrolytes by drinking sports beverages besides hydrating with water. Just after the workout, ice your body for about 30 minutes to reduce inflammation in your sore muscles.

Eat Right

Immediately after a workout, you need to eat a balanced diet to replenish the lost energy and repair worn out tissues. If you don’t eat, you may not have sufficient carbohydrate energy for the next workout. Besides, you will lack enough proteins to repair muscles.

Nutrition experts’ advice that those involved in rigorous physical activities should reach for tart cherries or pineapples to benefit from bromelain. It is believed that the bromelain compound present in these fruits have anti-inflammatory benefits, which is comparable to those found in anti-inflammatory medications.

In a nutshell, eating a balanced diet is the key to relieve muscle pains and soreness after a workout program.

How to relieve mucle soreness after workout

Engage in Blood Flow Improvement Techniques

Proper circulation of blood, especially around stressed parts of the body, improves the speed of recovery. It implies, therefore, that engaging in techniques that enhances blood circulation help relieves muscle pain after physical activity.

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve blood flow after a workout. Just to mention a few, it includes having a walk, comfortable bike ride, performing light stretching after each exercise, swimming, and wearing compression outfits among others.

It’s also important to mention that heat often helps with muscle soreness by bringing sufficient blood to sore areas and relaxing stiff muscles.

Heat can be applied easily to the affected muscles by taking a hot shower or bath for about 10 minutes in a hot tub, sauna, or by using a heating pad.


Indulge in Massage

Doctors and massage therapists explain that body massage help reduces muscle soreness almost immediately. The practice involves many compressions, which help remove inflammatory and soreness-generating fluids out of the muscles.

Besides that, massage helps remove adhesions and tight or sore spots from the worked muscles. The best results are achieved if it is administered for at least twenty minutes after a tough workout. In most cases, having a friend or spouse to massage your muscles is often enough to relieve the soreness.

Alternatively, you can use a massage stick, electric hand-held massager, or a foam roller to achieve similar massaging effects. Massage is one of the best ways how to relieve muscle pain in back, calves, and other parts of your body that easily get sore after workout.

Use Liniments to Relieve Muscle Pain

What to rub on sore muscles? There are several ointments that one can rub on a sore muscle to improve recovery as well as to eliminate the soreness. Most of these compounds work by increasing blood blow, relieving pain, creating a cooling sensation, or displacing raised levels of calcium.

Although your doctor will be able to recommend what is best for sore muscles, popular remedies often available in pharmacy stores include Traumeel, Arnica rub, Tiger Balm, Magnesium oil, and Ben-Gay cream among others. Most of these compounds can be rubbed on the affected muscle areas immediately after the workout and for several days up to when the soreness subsides.


The ways to help sore muscles are endless, and those explained are just a few. While one option can work efficiently, it is highly recommended that you try out several ways for optimum results. Excessive soreness is often an indication that you have increased the intensity or volume in the workout regimen, or that you have not stretched properly. If this is the case, then use the options in this article to get fit quickly and recover appropriately from muscle soreness.

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