How to Get Fit with Weights

How to Get Fit with Weights

Weightlifting might be the single best exercise you could do to enhance your fitness and health.

Weightlifting increases your metabolism and builds energy. It could enhance your results in other sports and activities you do in your daily life.

The use of weights while working out improves aerobic function and coronary heart health. It can even strengthen bones and reduce or prevent the signs and symptoms associated with osteoporosis.


Get Fit with Weights

Absolutely everyone can advantage greatly from the use of weights to get in shape.

As we age our metabolism slows down and we lose lean muscle tissues and bone density. Loss of lean muscle mass results in even slower metabolism, and this will become a vicious cycle leading to overweight and sedentary way of life which brings with it a great deal of other health troubles.


Why you should use weights

One of the hardest parts of starting any exercising regime is to find the motivation to keep going.

It is easier to stay motivated with weight training than most other activities, because you can see the results in just a short time.

Do the exercises for just a few weeks and you will start to see an increase in your energy levels.

Improved strength will enhance any activity and recreation you are into.

Weightlifting and power training enhance stamina, and stronger muscle mass and bones can take on more strain so lifting weights can save you from other sports related injuries.


Other benefits of weight training

Weight lifting has a large number of advantages that don’t begin and cease with the increased power and leaner muscle tissue.

Increased muscle mass will boost your metabolism. Faster metabolism helps you to lose weight and makes it easier to keep it off.

Weight lifting is a wonderful natural anti-depressant. It relives stress by raising the levels of endorphins like dopamine and serotonin, which the body uses to fight emotions of depression and anxiety.

Many people start lifting only to improve their body and physical look. They don’t even realize all of the different benefits one receives from sculpting a toned and defined body through weightlifting.

While some health professionals argue that aerobic exercising is better to enhance cardio vascular health then weight training, studies have demonstrated that cardiac output increases for the duration of weightlifting.

Nowadays most fitness experts recommend that you regularly do some exercises that include at least some weight lifting combined with aerobic exercises at minimum a few times a week.

Whether your 18 or 80, weightlifting can be used to improve your health. Weightlifting exercises, when performed correctly, can assist everyone get fit and stay in shape.


How to get fit using weights

Basic weight lifting techniques and workouts are usually what are called isotonic exercises, because the muscles are used to apply force to push or pull a weighted object.

That object could be anything, but usually we are talking about barbells or dumbbells, or weight lifting machines. Weight lifting exercises to gain strength and improve health are either isolation exercises or compound exercises.

  • An isolation exercise is one that is designed to work out or build a specific muscle or muscle group, like a leg lift. Another example of an Isolation Exercise would be the Curl for Biceps. Isolation exercises can be helpful if you want to target a specific muscle group.
  • Compound exercises are those weigh lifts that are designed to work several muscle groups. Inclined leg presses, where you use both legs to press out to move a weight while reclining on a weight bench is a compound exercise because it involves the quads, the hips, hamstrings, glutes and even can strengthen the knee joints.


30 Minute Total Body Compound Exercises With Weights

Compound exercises are the best to grow improved strength for overall health and daily activities.

In most compound weight lifting exercises the movement resembles the pushing, pulling, and lifting we do in our everyday activities, and will make these tasks much easier after just a few weeks of weightlifting.

Most of the common weight lifting exercises you are familiar with like the squat, bench press and deadlift are compound exercises.


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How to Get Fit with Weights




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